About the grant 

Dear innovators, activists, community builders and climate positive pioneers!  


You are warmly invited to apply for our amazing new micro-grants scheme!  

Who we are

This project is collaboration between Open Source Arts (OSA) and Kirkstall Valley Development Trust (KVDT). We want to fund projects which improve the environment and quality of life for people living, working, enjoying or travelling through the Kirkstall Valley.   

When we say Kirkstall Valley, we don’t just mean the bit near the river – we mean the communities of Armley, Burley, Bramley and Kirkstall – even as far as Rodley and Horsforth.

We want to empower residents in the Kirkstall Valley, of all ages, backgrounds, views and abilities and create a leading example of what a sustainable future could look like – where better to start than the Kirkstall Valley


The challenge

We want to encourage projects which promote sustainability by protecting and improving our natural environment and improve the lives and well-being of the people who live and work in the Kirkstall Valley. We know the big challenges – air pollution, flooding, poor access to green space, expensive and unreliable transport, unsafe streets, fuel poverty, poorly insulated homes and lack of local shops. Leeds City Council has just declared a Climate Emergency and has committed to zero carbon emissions by the 2030s That’s a huge task but if we are to avoid climate breakdown and maintain a hospitable planet things have to change. We want the Kirkstall Valley to be at the forefront of that change


Our response – micro grants

We invite you to use your experience and creativity to explore ways that you can make a positive impact and further enhance the Kirkstall Valley making it more sustainable and a place where we can all flourish. Let’s fill Kirkstall Valley with small projects that will make big difference. We want bring activists together to form a resilient, supportive and creative community. We encourage ideas which can be quickly implemented and which have an impact on climate change by: improving infrastructure, daily life, mental health and wellbeing, by engaging with people living or working in the Kirkstall Valley.


All are welcome to apply. We are keen to receive applications from people who have a great and innovative idea  but might have difficulty finding funding from other sources. The application process is designed to be as simple as possible. We know that skills and ideas come in many shapes and sizes and we are happy to support you through the process.  Why not get in touch or drop in for a cuppa to talk your idea through?…See our application page for details. Applications can be in any format it may be a short: video, audio (up to 2 mins) or written application, (a side of A4) it might even be a model or diagram. Just let us know what you want to do.

Projects must be delivered in the Kirkstall Valley and benefit people living or working there.  Preference will be given to people living and working in the Kirkstall Valley. You can submit one application per grant cycle. If  successful you will be ineligible to apply again until the grant round following the completion of your project. If you are not successful please feel free to try again.


Grants awards

Grants will typically be of up to £250 and will be awarded at regular ceremonies where new ideas are pitched and short updates will be given on current projects and completed projects will be showcased to other applicants, local people and businesses and potential mentors. We want to celebrate the change our successful applicants make and therefore part of the process will include a short completion report which should be submitted within 6 months.  

We welcome involvement from people, who might not  want to apply for an award, but who would like to help with the process. This could be anything from helping with the creation of applications, presenting projects, volunteering on projects. You might even want to sponsor a future award.

The grants scheme will run for an initial period of 2 years, with grant cycles at 3 month intervals. This is a new scheme and there may be changes to how we administer the process in order to make it more efficient and accessible.