Previous Projects

Park Green Community Project

Park Green is a community-owned space in Armley, which is in desperate need of some improvements. Residents are coming together to change the Green into an ecological community space, with a new bee-friendly border with indigenous wildflowers, insect hotels, communal composting for kitchen waste and maintenance to the iron fence. The project hopes to encourage residents to take pride in their local green spaces, share skills and knowledge by getting involved in gardening and to engage with recycling, especially our food scraps which often end up in landfills. The grant will be used for tools needed for the work on the land.

Flower Gardens

A small group of neighbours wish to contribute to the community by planting flower gardens in properties off Kirkstall Lane (Ash Road/Langdales and surrounding area) – particularly properties where landlords or residents are not currently able to maintain a garden. They will supply planters, hanging baskets, plants and aftercare to enable the community to enjoy bee and butterfly attracting flowers and natural wild areas where appropriate. The project is to be run by volunteers. The project can easily be extended to other areas within the Kirkstall Valley region with the help of new volunteers.

One Billion Rising Leeds

One Billion Rising is a global response to the UN statistic that one in three women experience rape or serious violence, encouraging people everywhere to ‘rise’ against this issue. The One Billion Rising Leeds campaign celebrates the brilliant work of our local charities and supports them in their aims, through community collaboration. OBR Leeds will be facilitating  workshops for Leeds residents to come together and get creative in expressing solidarity with the local charities that work towards ending violence against women and girls, and will print the artwork created in a booklet, to share in fundraising endeavours for these charities.

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Bramley Bloomers Edible Beds

Current plan is to source 3 areas in Bramley that the community can access and maintain to grow vegetables and benefit from. They will use sustainable and eco friendly methods of growing and work across generations, to learn from and inform their work.

Eden Crescent 

Grace has been engaging the community in Eden Crescent and teaching children how to grow things such as trees, plants and vegetables. Grace is going to use this funding along with her neighbours to continue planting to combat climate change and working together to shape the neighbourhood and make it greener.

Hedgehog Conservation

Nicola is working along with the community to encourage the hedgehog population to recover. She will be running workshops to build sustainable hedgehog homes and also sharing the importance of creating access routes, introducing plants that attract bugs, footprint tunnels (which help record hedgehog activity) and hosting garden habitat seminars to educate and encourage communities. Nicola has already attended Kirkstall Festival with an estimated attendance of 25,000 to share her knowledge.