About Us


Who are we?

Open Source Arts (OSA):

OSA are an organisation sitting at the interface between the arts and environmental engagement, with initiatives promoting both community and ecological wellbeing. OSA provides enthusiastic amateurs and professional artists alike with the space and an array of arts-based events, activities and training classes whilst promoting conservation and environmental stewardship. Their extensive calendar of events is a true reflection of their passion for a broad range of specialties promoting community and collaboration at the heart of their initiatives. Now, they are collaborating with The KVDT on the Kirkstall Valley Grants scheme further encouraging local people to engage with people and planet.

Open Source Arts:

Phone: ‭(0113) 246 8975‬

Email: info@opensourcearts.co.uk

Address: Unit 1A, Aire Place Mills, 143 Kirkstall Road

Leeds, LS3 1JL


Kirkstall Valley Development Trust (KVDT):

KVDT was established in 2016 and is one of Leeds’s most ambitious community-driven projects. From opening up 200 acres of green space to developing a community hub and social housing, to demonstrating solutions for tackling climate breakdown, KVDT are endlessly attempting to improve the social and environmental conditions of Kirkstall and surrounding areas! Co-developing the Kirkstall Valley Grants scheme alongside OSA is yet another way KVDT are attempting to improve Kirkstall’s social and environmental conditions.

Kirkstall Valley Development Trust: 

Phone: ‭(0113) 246 8975‬

Email: lucy.todd@kvdt.org.uk